“Are You Suffering From A Chronic Health Condition That Is Not Improving?”

Health Consultancy is a solution!!!

What is Health Consultancy?

· The complex diagnosis of issues and factors contributing to your chronic health problemsthat are not responding well to standard medical treatment.

· Innovative and effective protocols customized for each client to reverse and reduce oreliminate your need for medication.

· On-going coaching, support and education to maintain your new-found health andvitality.

Can Health Consulting Reverse Your Medical Diagnosis?

1.    Are you unsure about what it really takes to resolve your chronic health problems?        

2.    Do you wonder if you will ever feel well enough again to enjoy doing the things that really matter to you?     

3.               3. Do you have trouble believing there is still hope for you to have a life free of pain and disease?

           4. Do you feel you have spent a lot of money on your health and you have no results to show for it?

5.             5. Are you taking prescription medications without feeling any better and not liking the  side-effects?

6.    Do you often feel like your health, peace of mind, energy and vitality just keep slipping away no matter what you do?                          

7.    Do you wonder if your diagnosis is correct or if important issues are not being addressed to help you recover?                           

8.    Do you feel any other type of professional treatments besides what your doctor is currently providing you could help you?                 

9.    Are you finding your doctor or therapist is struggling to answer some of your concerns, or is dismissing your concerns or does not have enough time for you?

10.Do you shy away from consulting with other professionals who can help with your key health decisions?

My experience is that once you become aware of how some or all of these problems are affecting your health, I can help.

My strategy has proved effective in increasing the health and vitality of my clients. Most recently, a client using my services went from years of chronic pain and serious fatigue – to no longer having any pain and has plenty of energy to work and enjoy her life. Another client suffered from insomnia for 15 years and now sleeps through the night. A Type-2 Diabetic client went from having blood sugar readings of 350 to 82 in less than a month.

My Customized Innovative Strategies

· A comprehensive consultation and physical examination

· Identify issues/factors that are contributing to your problems

· Prioritize these issues/factors,

· Systematically contain each issue/factor to prevent the problems from getting


· Systematically address each issue/factor to reduce your symptoms,

· Systematically release and remove the accumulated stress from the tissues of your


· Systematically work at repairing and healing the damaged organ, gland, nerve or

  muscle tissues,

· Systematically rebuild energy and nutrient reserves in your tissues, and

· Personally coach you in how to maintain your new-found health and vitality.

I have been in the health and wellness fields all of my adult life.  Having found my greatest talent is in the complex diagnosis of chronic health problems and customizing innovative and effective treatments for clients. I bring all of my education and experience with Alternative Medicine, Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine, Psychology and Mental Health Counseling together with my specially developed technical knowledge to provide you with a valuable health consulting service that is unmatched by less qualified doctors and therapists who just focus on treating your symptoms versus helping you truly heal.

You no longer have to struggle and suffer with your poor health!

Contact my office today to schedule your consultation.

I look forward to working with you to make a positive impact in your life!


Ernesto J. Fernandez

Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez, DOM, AP, LMHC

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