Six Easy Steps to Create and Achieve Your New Years Resolutions to Feel Renewed, Revitalized and Recharged in 2011!

It is a popular tradition to create New Year’s Resolutions, however, many people never truly achieve their most important Resolutions for the year. I invite you to consider a different way of identifying and pursuing your New Years Resolutions that can bring you closer to achieving them than ever before!

This process will work for any type of goals: weight loss, increase income, improve current relationship, etc. and the end result will be achieving your goals and feeling Renewed, Revitalized and Recharged in 2011!

I have found that most people don’t stick to their goals and New Years Resolutions because often they pick targets that require a lot of energy and many run out of energy before getting very far. The concept of Energy is rarely taken into account regarding New Years Resolutions and Goals setting, yet it’s the critical element. There are many different types of Energy that are necessary in order to be, feel, and fulfill goals effectively in life.

The Positive Energy Wheel is a six step program I created meant to increase the flow of Positive Energy felt in life used to achieve your goals. The more Positive Energy you have, the greater the ability to adapt and cope with changes in addition to being capable to make the changes you want in life. Without enough Positive Energy in life you will encounter more resistance and difficult making your life the way you want it and being able to deal with the world when not everything goes your way.

The Positive Energy Wheel

Step 1: To ask yourself this first question and to answer it honestly:

“How Full of ‘Positive Energy’ do I feel I am in the following areas of my life?”

(Rank each of the areas below from a -10 to a +10.)

Mental: Ability to focus, concentrate, and problem solve.

Emotional: Ability to tell the honest truth and fully express yourself without hurting yourself or others, and to cope effectively with stress without alcohol, drugs, prescriptions, or compulsive behavior.

Relationships: Ability to give and receive love, to compromise, to cooperate, to be patient, and to forgive.

Spiritual: Ability to trust and have faith in God or a Power greater than yourself, to let go of controlling things you can’t control or are none of your business, and to take appropriate action on things within your control that you are responsible for.

Physical: Ability to resist illnesses or infections; to rest, relax and sleep; to move pain-free; to breathe, eat, digest and eliminate without complications; to wake up rested and maintain energy through out the day without medication or stimulants, and to enjoy yourself sexually.

Financial: Ability to generate an income to support yourself and your family and to responsibly manage your income and expenses.

Step 2: Draw a large circle with six pie wedges on a sheet of paper with a pencil.


Step 3: Write an area of your life in each section along the outer circle.


Step 4: Put a large dot in each wedge to represent your ranking score for the Positive Energy in each area of your life. A +10 is at the outer edge of the circle and a -10 is at the center of the circle.


Step 5: Connect the dots between each area of your life and erase the lines making the wedges outside your shape.

The point of this exercise is to determine what areas of your life are draining you of your life energy and in which ones you have abundant energy. I invite you to look at the circle you drew, what do you see? If you rolled this Wheel on the ground it would probably get stuck and stop turning in the areas with the lowest Positive Energy.

The areas of lowest positive energy in your life often determine the difficulty you face while rolling with change in your environment and how you can change your life. You will get faster and more meaningful changes by increasing the Positive Energy in the areas where the circle shows it is the lowest.

Any area ranking less than a +6 would not feel satisfactory to anyone; it produces a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. However, any area ranking a zero or less would feel as if you were drained of your life energy and personal power. These low energy areas will likely undermine your pursuit of meaningful New Years Resolutions or Goals that have no direct target on reversing areas of your life with the least energy!!!

Here is a common example: Fred is a businessman and he ranked his life energy as follows:

Mental: -2

Emotional: 0

Relationships: 4

Spiritual: 3

Physical: 5

Financial: 4

Fred wants to improve his financial situation and increase his income, which he ranked a +4. However, he ranked Mental as a -2 due to the fact he can’t focus or concentrate well and additionally gave Emotional a 0 because Fred is not coping with stress well.

I agree that raising the Positive Energy in his financial area to a +6 or higher would certainly be beneficial however Fred is less likely to achieve his financial goals because he scored relatively low in the Mental and Emotional areas. Fred would ultimately feel that that he can’t deal with the overwhelming stress level of achieving his real goal. Someone with a higher score in the Mental and Emotional areas would be more inclined to perceive the same situation as less stressful or difficult which would lead them to realize their goal.

In this case Fred would be better off working on goals that would improve the Mental and Emotional areas of his life before taking on his goal to become more financially successful. As he focuses on plugging up the serious energy drains in these areas he will then have more Positive Energy that can be used to achieve his ultimate goal.

Now that you’ve seen an example to illustrate the logic behind this exercise, let’s go to the last step of this process.

Step 6:

A. Pick the area of your life ranked with the lowest Positive Energy. If you have two or more ranked the same, pick the one that gives you the most stress.

B. List and write out specifically what the problems you are having in this area.

C. Rank them from the most distressful and draining to the least distressful and draining.

D. Put a square around the ones you can do by yourself and would honestly be willingly to work.

E. Circle the ones you will need professional assistance with and feel that you can’t achieve on your own.

F. Pick the top two that you feel you can change right now. Make sure one is something that you can do yourself and the other requires professional assistance.

These are now your top two New Years Resolutions for 2011! Congratulations!


If you only accomplish these two things in 2011 you will have significantly increased the Positive Energy in your life and your ability to be more effective in tackling other problems. When you follow this process as prescribed you will systematically notice feeling more Renewed, Revitalized and Recharged as you increase the Positive Energy in more areas of your life!

If you are more ambitious, after you resolve one of these two problems pick the next challenge you feel ready to tackle. Make sure you maintain a balance between one that you can do by yourself and one that requires professional assistance. Keep repeating this process until you resolve all the problems on this list from Step 6 and if you are up to it, repeat this process for all areas of low energy and prepare to feel better than you ever have in life!

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