Fatigue and the Entrepreneur: How Much Is Your Fatigue Really Costing You And What Can You Do About It? Part 2

Fatigue and the Entrepreneur Part Two

Physical Energy for Entrepreneurs

By Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez, DOM, AP, LMHC

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Dear Millionaire Smarts Members:

Our focus this month is about the skill of awareness of our physical energy and are we taking care of the most important resource we have our bodies. Our guest expert this month is Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez, DOM , AP, LMHC. He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a mental health counselor, an author, a professional speaker, and a consultant.

I personally met Ernesto at one of Dan Kennedy’s events about three and half years ago. I had heard about him and he certainly lived up to his reputation of helping high energy entrepreneurs’ balance out their lives with their health. At the time I met Ernesto I was in serious career burnout. Traveling non stop as a professional speaker and working so much that I was exhausted all of the time. The fatigue was affecting my personal life and my enthusiasm for my business. Going to traditional Medical Doctors was not getting me much relief. I started working with Dr. Fernandez and my health improved greatly. He guided me to nurture and listen to my body in a way that I had not done before. I can say today I am stronger and healthy than I have been in years. Simply because I made some big changes in the way I treat myself. I actually treat myself well now. I have learned to say NO!

I have in the past been very guilty of pushing myself to the point way past normal fatigue and just keep on going. I now realize this is not a good strategy and I am daily making a point of taking better care of myself so I highly suggest that you take the following Information from Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez DOM , AP, LMHC, very seriously.

How Much Is Your Fatigue Really Costing You
And What Can You Do About It?

The famous football coach, Vince Lombardi once said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”. This is especially true for the business professional. The good news is there are several effective strategies to combat fatigue and regain a vibrant energy level. The following are few things you’ll want to consider to help combat your fatigue.


The most obvious and most common cause of fatigue is chronic sleep deprivation, especially if you are also putting in long hard stressful work days. It’s not just how much you sleep it’s also the quality of sleep you get. How often do you wake up at night? How easily do you fall back asleep? And how rested do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

  • Seven hours of sleep is the bare minimum amount of sleep you should get. If you are not feeling rested and re-energized at all in the morning you are not getting enough quality sleep. It can take a person 2-4 weeks to completely reset their internal sleep mechanisms so he can allow himself to sleep as much as his body needs to recharge.
  • For better sleep avoid bed-time snacks especially carbohydrates. It can raise your blood sugar level and may wake you up and keep you from falling asleep.
  • For better sleep, no TV for at least one hour before bed. It’s too stimulating and will take you longer to fall asleep.
  • Sleep in complete darkness as much as possible. When light hits your eyes at night it affects the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.
  • If you have problems with your prostate, kidneys or with digesting carbohydrates you may wake up at night to urinate which can disrupt your sleep cycle and quality of sleep if you have to get up more than once. If you’re dealing with fatigue issues you’ll need to address this.


  • Make sure you eat with each meal, especially at breakfast a sufficient amount of lean protein. Typically, the amount you need is about the size and thickness of the palm of your hand.
  • Avoid chemical additives and toxins in processed foods, such as MSG. Many people are reactive to these chemicals and get brain fog and fatigue from them.
  • Make sure you eat enough water soluble fiber and drink plenty of filtered or spring water. Many people have trouble sleeping when they are feeling constipated.
  • Avoid eating refined carbohydrates (sodas, candy bars and donuts) and drinking coffee. When you’re feeling fatigued and your system is run down this is one of the worst things you can do. Coffee is a diuretic which will further dehydrate your body making it harder for your nervous system to help you relax when you want to relax later. The sugar in the candy bars, donuts, etc. will rapidly raise your blood sugar, you’ll have some energy and focus for a little while, then your blood sugar levels will dramatically drop, you feel tired again and you eat some more sugar and the cycle continues. When you put your body through this constant blood sugar roller coaster day after day it is extremely stressful for your internal organs, it leaches minerals out of your body, and will set you up for Type-2 Diabetes, which is another growing epidemic.


  • Avoid chronic low level exposure to chemicals and pesticides. They can seriously affect your immune and adrenal functions.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), large computer servers, large copiers, etc. Many people are very sensitive to EMF and don’t know it, fatigue and nervous agitation are common symptoms.

The following are issues you may want to consider as a possible cause of your fatigue:

  1. A common side effect of many prescription drugs is fatigue and insomnia, so you’ll want to research your medications and consult with your doctor.
  2. You may have one or more allergies or intolerances to foods you are eating that instead of sneezing or breaking out you react with fatigue.
  3. You may have challenges digesting, metabolizing and absorbing certain foods and nutrients, which may be causing some mineral and vitamin deficiencies and contributing to your fatigue.
  4. You may be hypoglycemic, pre-diabetic, or diabetic. If you suspect this, go to your doctor and get it checked out. There are a variety of progressive methods to manage blood sugar problems and reduce or even eliminate the need for insulin.
  5. You may have an inability to express some of your emotions. Depending on the degree to which you are unable to express your emotions, the tension and stress will directly affect the function of your organs and central nervous system in a negative way. For example, some people can easily express their anger and frustration; however, when they feel fear and anxiety they don’t know how to really deal with it other than stuffing it, ignoring it, denying it or taking a pill. For others it’s the reverse, they can’t express their anger, or they can express it in some situations, but not others. Whichever emotion you constantly have trouble dealing with, you will end up creating a variety of stress related symptoms and fatigue is one of them. Freeing up, “Your Emotional Range of Motion TM ” doesn’t require years of talk-therapy. It’s probably one of the fastest things that can be changed on this list.
  6. Emotional stress will also create excessive physical tension in your body. You know you have too much tension when you apply deep pressure to any muscle in your body and you easily feel pain. It’s not healthy to feel pain that easily with deep pressure. You should just feel pressure. An enormous amount of energy is required to hold tension in your body and it’s a common source of fatigue.
  7. You may have an undiagnosed blockage in your cardiovascular system. If you are also experiencing dizziness and shortness of breath, see your physician to get tested.
  8. If in addition to fatigue you are having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep at night you might be dealing with adrenal exhaustion. When you have adrenal exhaustion your body’s ability to cope and respond to stress is greatly diminished. You are also likely to have hormonal imbalances, low libido, sudden weight gain/weight loss and greater risk for heart disease. There is a very accurate panel of tests available to measure your adrenal function. And there are very effective and natural treatment methods for adrenal fatigue, the method most appropriate for you will depend on what stage of adrenal stress you are in and other health issues that may be contributing to or caused by adrenal exhaustion.

Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez, DOM , AP, LMHC, is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, mental health counselor, author, professional speaker, and consultant. He is available for private health consultations and speaking to groups. Go to www.ernestojfernandez.com to contact him personally.

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