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Lee Milteer
Dear Ernesto,
First let me thank you for all the assistance I have benefited from your work with me! You're one of my secret weapons against the distractions that lower my vitality and cost my business money. I have been treated or worked with many of the best natural medicine and holistic doctors in North America. And I can honestly say that no one has ever come close to matching your ability to understand what I need as a busy entrepreneur. You have been very beneficial in keeping me conscious and assist me to recover from my demanding speaking and coaching schedule. One of things that I am most grateful to you is that you assisted me back to good health and to be at peak performance when I am speaking and coaching large groups. I certainly did deal with chronic fatigue that used to plague me when I traveled non- stop for speaking and coaching. Your advice and treatment not only assisted me but once I was actually aware of how I was treating my body I could pass some of that awareness on to my own coaching clients.

On another level a few years ago when Clifton my Husband was seriously ill in the ICU in the hospital you assisted me to use that incredible stress to my advantage and I was able to keep my speaking commitments and make record breaking sales from the Platform. Taking care of myself and following your advice assisted me to be in top form and my average sales went from $28,000 on the platform to a record high of $795,000 recently. I’m now the most prolific and productive I’ve ever been and I take more time to enjoy my life than I ever have. You give me an advantage over my competitors in my business helping me be in top physical, emotional and mental states! You are the best!!!! I personally recommend your services to anyone who is an entrepreneur, business owner or professional who has a stressful schedule and life! You know the old saying that true wealth is your health. Thank you for assisting me back to my healthy state!!!

-Lee Milteer, Virginia Beach, Va. Productivity and Performance Coach, Professional Speaker and Author of Success is an Inside Job, Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling Founder of the Millionaire Smarts Program (Done For Your Coaching) Co-facilitator of the Glazer-Kennedy Peak Performers Coaching Program


I feel I’m now in the best shape of my life. Thank you Ernesto! I no longer have any pain in my body or headaches. I can sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. I am recovering quickly from my workouts and I’ve lost weight without going hungry. I have lots of energy now throughout the day. I first came to you to help me with my cholesterol. Other than that I thought I was in great shape for my age. I guess I got used to having constant aches and pains, feeling tired and not sleeping well. Thanks for helping me feel 15 years younger!

-Joe Cole, Commercial Real Estate Broker Florida

Darrin Mish
I first went to see you because I was having a lot of irritability that was affecting my ability to be patient at work with my staff and at home with my family. And I’d have occasional feelings of depression for
no apparent reason. After working with you and following your program, I haven’t had any irritability or depression. I was already doing very well in my business before our work together. However, after you got my body working right, I’m now 10x more productive and profitable than I was before. I used to think your services were very expensive. I was wrong! Working with you is the best investment I’ve made for my family and business.

-Darrin Mish, Esq. IRS Attorney Florida

Brain Deacon
I don’t know how you did it, but I feel like a twenty something again! I thought my problem was that I had high blood pressure. I had no idea how seriously burnt-out I was. Within a few weeks I had my brain working at a high level again and started putting together my new company. If I hadn’t been working with you, there’s no way I would have gotten it all done as fast as I did. I would probably have had a stroke trying. You uncovered and diffused issues affecting my health that I never considered would be affecting my heart. I was struggling for almost two years transitioning from being a corporate vice-president in a huge company to being an entrepreneur. Not only did you help me make the switch in just a short period of time, I’m now making more money than I ever did. Your advice in dealing with my partner and my kids has completely transformed my relationship with then.

Ernesto, you bring to the table a unique combination of skills that I’ve never seen before. Working with you is like having seven experts rolled into one. I always look forward to what going to happen next each time we work together. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. I’ve been telling all my friends and students about you.

-Brian Deacon, Florida Marketing consultant for contractors, President of the Association of Responsible Contractors and Construction Professionals, President of Home Owners Clubs of America Former, and Microsoft Vice-President


I had a series of back to back traumas and highly stressful experiences that seriously debilitated me. My father was killed from a serious medical error in the hospital, I put my clinically depressed mother in a nursing home where she kept getting worse, I had a serious shoulder and hip injury from a motor cycle accident, and I had to buy out my two business partners (my sons) who mismanaged their part of the business and seriously damaged my relationship with my investors.

Dr. Fernandez helped me get my sanity back and he got me out of pain. I didn’t believe it was possible to feel better as soon as I did considering the doctors wanted to do surgery on my shoulder. Although my shoulder isn’t perfect, it’s a lot better than my doctors said it would ever be. And I didn’t have to take any prescription drugs to cope once I started working with Ernesto. Dr. Fernandez also helped me repair my relationship with my sons, which I didn’t believe was going to be possible either. I’m eternally grateful for his help. And I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Fernandez if you are struggling with difficult physical and emotional challenges.

-Terry Whaley, Real Estate Developer and Real Estate Agent Ohio


I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am with Dr. Fernandez’s treatment! I’ve suffered from hypothyroidism for 10 years and was deeply disturbed when I recently learned about all the health risks associated with taking a prescription drug to counteract the problem. I knew I needed a better solution, and I was willing to do whatever it took to find it…including spending a little bit more if necessary. Turns out Dr. Fernandez’s solution was more affordable and far more effective than I ever dreamed. My TSH level was at .06 (with medication) in 2004 and jumped up to 1.066 in 2005 (after I had my Levoxyl medication adjusted). I started treatment with Dr. Fernandez about 2 months ago and my TSH level is now 4.39! I’m healthier than ever AND, what’s better, I feel like I’m really solving the problem for a change. Not just masking it or “managing” it. Not only am I pharmaceutical-free now, but my husband and I can begin planning to have children without fear of how this condition would have impacted our unborn child or my health during the pregnancy!

-Lina Penalosa, Professional Copy Writer Virginia

Dear Ernesto

I contacted you because I was having serious trouble with my eyes and my doctors couldn’t help me. I had double vision and lots of blurriness. Not only did it make driving impossible, I couldn’t play tennis which is one of my passions. You helped me with other problems a few years ago and I knew you could help me.

Within two days of our first session my vision improved 50% and within the next two weeks it improved completely. You also helped me adjust my diet so it works better for my body and I no longer crave sweets like I used to.

I’ve gone down several pant sizes without going hungry or feeling deprived. I no longer need Ambien to go to sleep. And I need much less asthma medication now even though I’m regularly playing tennis. The most wonderful thing which you really did for me was to help bring my blood pressure under control. As you well know, when we first started working together my systolic pressure was up around 189. Now the morning high measurement is around 149. What an improvement! I have more energy and feel much better. At age 78, I feel I have added more juice, joy and years to my life. Thank you Ernesto! I look forward to addressing other health goals with you. I highly recommend you to anyone who has chronic health issues and wants to feel great again!


-Lester Nathan, CEO and Senior Group Consultant, Results Management and Marketing


You have a way of encouragement that inspires confidence that is so necessary when dealing with difficult issues. Thank you for that encouragement; it was and still is appreciated. The way you poked fun at yourself kept me in stitches at times and that made everything lighter and less stressful.

Blessings to you, those you love and to everything you choose to do in life.

Love to you,

-Michele Wolf

I had neck problems for many years and tried many modalities but never got better and with Ernesto it went away. It was an old angry event that happened years ago and I kept it in my neck.

-Sally Weiss

Dr Jeffery Tate

I am writing to thank you for the strategic help and support you have provided to my company and me personally these past few months.

Your insightful, expert advice on the formulation of our nutritional

supplement product based on whole grain flax meal was invaluable. I especially value your uncompromising focus on ingredients that are safe, effective and that work together to optimize the health of our users. Our product stands apart in the market due to you formulation assistance.

Your personal coaching in my preparation for our recent meetings with a major global agriculture company put our presentation over the top. We had a 90 minute time slot with busy department leaders that turned into a two and a half hour meeting. We were asked to present five projects and I had hoped to find they had interest in one or two. Using ideas you suggested in my presentation format, they have asked us to pursue all five projects. My company CEO is ecstatic!

Finally, I want to thank you for your help in relieving my stress levels before these meetings. I was wound up and having difficulty with focus. At the end of our session, the stress around issues that were sapping my focus was suddenly gone. I was able to focus and be fully present and at the top of my game as I finished my meeting preparations and then led the presentations. I am a skeptic by nature, but I can only characterize the results of our session as miraculous. I have never done anything to relieve stress and improve focus that worked as quickly and effectively.

Again, I want to thank you and I look forward to our continued productive collaboration in the future.

Best regards, Jeff

-Dr. Jeffrey Tate President, J. Jireh Products

I am a psychotherapist who has been earnestly looking for the healing component that I knew instinctively was missing from my personal tool kit. I found that missing piece in your seminar. The professionalism and truth modeled and taught by you and your staff confirmed the life changing power of your work. I have never attended any other workshop that created such a profound harmony of mind, body and spirit. You created a space that brought all the participants and staff together. We came as strangers; we left as family.

-Sandy Breech

Dearest Ernesto,
I wish to add my voice to the hundreds of others who honor you. You have a remarkable gift of combining the laser beam precision of a skilled technician with the loving touch of a crystal snowflake. You brought clarity and dimension to my life. I see myself in a totally other way that points in the direction of transformation on every level of my being. If this sounds overblown, believe me, it isn’t. The sentence you helped me formulate– will forever change the way I act upon my life. I’m just now discovering and will continue to discover the depth of meaning in that short phrase. You are an excellent teacher and doctor I will be forever grateful for the gift of healing you have given me. My body likes you, too. Sitting upright in my wheelchair, walking with my canes, is easier and more pain free, the more I experience the process you initiated me into.

Bless you,


Joyce Tepley

As you know, I had a traumatic jaw injury as a child. And in October 2002 I underwent radical surgery to repair my dislocated and fractured jaw, years of deterioration took its toll. Just the severity of the fracturing of the jaw bone and the incision in my face to repair the damage were physically painful enough, but the emotional trauma was worse. I came through the surgery okay, several inches of fragmented and fractured bone were removed, the disk was repaired and reinserted and secured with a permanent titanium stitch. My surgeon was remarkable and I was able to wear rubber bands and not have my mouth wired shut to hold it in place while it healed. I was eating solid food two days later. I was determined to return to work in three weeks and I did.

The pain and swelling diminished after a while and the surgeon was telling me that the numbness on the left side of my face would eventually diminish. I went to him early January 2003, I was not building muscle in my face and the numbness had not diminished. He told me that I needed to reduce my stress level and maybe consider that the numbness may be a psychological problem and when I took care of this the muscles would get stronger and the numbness would go away. He asked me to make an appointment when I was better. He gave me no opportunity to tell him that I was receiving regular massage therapy sessions, that my patient load was reduced and I was sleeping great. I was not depressed or in a state of anxiety.

After my treatment with you, I immediately noticed the pain was gone in my neck and jaw. This was wonderful enough, but a few minutes later I realized that my face was no longer numb. Not at all. I was in shock. Thirteen months later and I still have no numbing and I haven't seen the surgeon, why should I?

It has been a wonderful and exciting two and a half years since I first met you. Our family has experienced tremendous growth and happiness in that time. I appreciate your insight, knowledge and leadership. You have been a wonderful doctor, mentor and teacher. I hope that our paths cross often and I thank you for guiding me on a path of personal growth.

Much Love, Appreciation and Success !!!!!

-Ann Williams, and family

Having you as a teacher and therapist was a joy, and experiencing your work was invaluable. What I appreciate most about knowing you, however, is how experiencing you and being in your presence has expanded my concept of what is possible, both for myself, and for others. I have learned to look forward to growth and change with courage and anticipation, instead of self-doubt and fear. No, that is not nearly enough… I also appreciate the way you model steadiness and endurance while working with me, combined with the qualities of neutral love and respect. You honor me as being worthwhile as I face difficult aspects of myself. You have exhibited the wisdom to know when to push, when to support, and when to retreat in a session. I have learned much from this, both personally and professionally.
Thank you for seeing parts of me that I have not seen myself, and for calling them into manifestation. You have repeatedly reflected parts of me that I could but dimly see.
Thank you for being someone I can trust for seeing people I refer; I know they will be respected. I also trust you to work with them AND take care of yourself in the process. This feels good.
Thank you for being willing to stand in difficult places without collapsing-I needed to see this. It has been good for me to watch you trust yourself. I get a sense of all the work it has been to manifest yourself as you are now.
Thank you for trusting me in my process. That trust is a rare and valuable thing. I, in turn, trust you to walk out your life with joy and completeness. Thank you for coming into my life!

With love,

-Dr. Laura Cioppa

Dear Ernesto,

Thank you for being the instrument of healing for me and my family and friends.
God bless you!

Love and Blessings,

-Sharon Griffin


What do you say to someone that has touched your “Heart, Mind and Spirit”, in such a way that you will never forget him? A connection that was made, that the effect would last a lifetime. I appreciate the knowledge, compassion and love that you gave not only to me, but also to my family. Your light will always shine!

-Helen Thomas
Dear Ernesto
You are a gift to everyone who has been fortunate enough to know you. I love your laugh; it's from your soul! Thank you for the energy and knowledge you have shared. You have helped me to transform into the person I knew was always there. May God protect you all the days of your life. Namaste,

-Annette M. Buquet


I want to personally "Thank YOU" for the excellent work you did with me. Working with you was one of the most challenging and most productive experiences I’ve had in my life. So many subtle and powerful changes took place after our work together within myself and others around me. WOW!

I hope that life continues to take care of you and your journey is fruitful and prosperous!

Blessings to you and yours,

-Sheri Rowland

Since age 20, I have suffered with illness, allergies, hypoglycemia, had a complete hysterectomy and suffered with pain from an auto accident. Allopathic medicine was not working at all. Alternative medicine helped some but the symptoms lingered and every day was a challenge. I didn't know if I would be able to function or collapse. At work, I had to nap at lunch time and again when I got home from work. I felt drained and tired all the time. Working with you has changed my life! Each session has built upon the previous one, bringing true quality of life back!!

Prior to working with you I had a severe breathing problem that prevented me from doing many things. Getting through a day was a challenge, let alone adding another 7 hours of structured time. Now I feel my energy level has increased so the extra hours at night school doesn’t drain me.

You helped me release deep seated emotions from the lungs relieving all problems related to breathing. In the past 7 months since I saw you, I have not had any problems related to breathing.

I no longer have to carry a box of tissue everywhere, because the problem of excess mucous is gone and I am no longer taking allergy injections. My whole body feels great!

Thank you for all your help!

-Sandra Trombley

My neck and shoulders have been a problem for twenty years. My neck cracks about every five to ten minutes when I drive a car. My shoulders stay stiff and slightly raised most of the time. After my treatment, my neck and shoulders are totally relaxed. They no longer crack and I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.
Donnie Rinn

After your treatments my smell came back after 30 years of not being able to smell and my vision is improving.

-Anna Mae Penland

I feel like a new person, and I see things differently and a lot of my neck pain is gone.

-Daphne Crump

I had fibromyalgia and a traumatic brain injury. After my treatment with Ernesto my mental clarity was better and the pain level in my body was reduced and has remained at a much lower level since that time – over 3 months now. These positive gains were after only one 20 minute session.

-Sharon Phillips

After Ernesto’s treatment-my range of motion increased to a degree that was almost unbelievable. I am now able to move in full range-pain free. After treatment, my shoulder and arm felt more normal than it had in years. Thanks for the fabulous work.

-Jane Milliff

My right hip was in severe pain for over 2 years. At one point I would drag my leg when walking, especially if I was carrying something as light as a brief case. I went to see Ernesto not imagining I would get healing relief for the hip any time soon. The pain has totally dissipated and has not returned for 9 months! This is a truly a phenomenal process. Thanks Ernesto!

-Lois Bearden

I have had a 29-year involvement with the martial arts and competed on the professional circuit for three years during the 80’s. With that, I have endured many injuries: both knees surgically repaired x 5, broken hands, numerous broken toes, ankle reconstruction, shoulder reconstruction, 6 broken noses. I know when I break something. While boxing four weeks ago I felt my shoulder pop and realized I had torn something again. I did what I always have done; I went to see the orthopedic surgeon and got an examination. He concluded I tore the rotator cuff and the labrum. He said we could try physical therapy and see if it would work. But, I’d probably need surgery if the P.T. didn’t help with the daily numbing pain.

Last week I ran into Ernesto at an event in Las Vegas. He noticed I was in pain when we shook hands. He offered to help me. He treated me for about 8 minutes and my pain went away immediately. It has been over 10 days and I have remained pain free. I believe he is a miracle worker! To explain his treatment would be difficult. Who knows? It worked. I am grateful and incredibly impressed.

-Mitch Carson, MBA

It has been largely through your extraordinary efforts — time, money, example, professionalism, integrity, knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge — that I am where I am today.

Where I was when I first met you was pretty dismal. My health and well-being was shot due to many illnesses, a longstanding painful 16 year marriage and recent divorce process. My finances were in bad shape. I was struggling on all fronts to keep myself, my home and my dreams of wellness alive.

Today, my health has improved dramatically, I have large dreams for myself that I have every intention and hope of accomplishing. I have learned a great deal and am eager to learn more. I enjoy my work and am excited to watch it evolve for both myself and my clients.

I wish you every joy and blessing in all your endeavors, and know that whatever you choose to do you'll bring the same qualities of dedication, clarity, focus, professionalism and success to it. And I'll happily continue to follow your example in this.

-Val Heart, MBA

My eleven year old son has struggled all of his life with slow fine and gross motor skills, and has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. He also suffers with seasonal and food allergies, and asthma. In the past two years, school has become a daily struggle, he forgets and loses homework, books, etc. and he feels frustrated. We have tried everything, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic care, and Alternative Medicine.

After one session with Ernesto, my son had the best sleep in months, and two days later he had a high fever and when he woke up the next day it was gone. It’s been two weeks now since his first session and his allergies have improved, grades have improved, and he has remembered his school items. He still needs improvement on his concentration and focusing, but we are pleased and look forward to his total healing and happier days.

Also, sometime ago, I was struggling with some neighbor issues in my community. These issues were causing me to loose sleep and feel tense and angry.

After a session with Ernesto, I was feeling more calm, the next two days I slept so soundly I felt renewed. A week later I just felt clear minded and relaxed, the previous issues I was struggling with were not even remotely bothering me any longer.

-Patty O’Mara

I want to thank you so much for the influence you have had in my life, and I hope to stay in contact with you in the future. When I met you I was in a very bad marriage that was headed towards divorce and the changes I made working with you finished that relationship. My husband moved out the next weekend after I got home from Dallas. He couldn't stand to be around me because of the change in my energy, and I wouldn't fight with him anymore. You helped me to rebuild my self-esteem and self-confidence after my divorce and to get me back on track with my life, and now I feel that I'm headed in the right direction to finally start doing the work I was born to do. Thank you so much for everything.

You are a great teacher and doctor and you need to keep teaching what you know. I recall your demeanor and the sensitivity, gentleness, and concern you show your clients and your students when they are on your table. There's something of your wisdom and humility and guidance with me everyday.
I wish you all the best,

-Karen Low

The turning point in my son’s life was when he had his first session with you!

-Susie De Pavia

I have lifelong scoliosis. After a few sessions I felt more improvement than 2-1/2 years of seeing my chiropractor weekly.

This feeling was corroborated by actual measurements taken before and after the treatment which showed expanded ribcage capacity, less curve obvious to the visible eye and more even hip bones. But most importantly, I felt wonderful — like walking on air!

-Kathy Bliss, M.A.

I lost my husband of twenty-one years, two and a half years ago to Leukemia. When he died, I wasn't able to take care of myself. And my health suffered.

After working with Ernesto, my bladder is stronger with less trips to the bathroom. My PMS is almost non-existent, which for many years was ten days of bloating and irritability. My eyesight is clearer. My digestion has improved. My stamina has increased overall and my sleep at night is deeper.

My emotions are more even keel and I feel more peaceful inside that I ever have. I now have a healthy body and a sense of general wellness that is exceptional.

-Catherine Ruivivar

I had been bloating for about a year and I've been to everybody in Atlanta, where I used to live, and nobody could tell me what was wrong.

They kept telling me there was nothing wrong, but obviously something was.

Since Ernesto worked with my liver and pancreas, I have not bloated since, even after I started eating a little bit of sugar once in a while.

But, it's very easy for me to leave it alone now which is quite a big deal for me because I really like it.

-Paula Parcheta

Being almost 6'2" I was very self-conscious of my height. Ernesto's treatment allowed me to release deep seated anger that was held in my body. I have felt much more relaxed and free to express my feelings about being much taller than most ladies.

-Marcia Ferry

For years I was severely allergic to tomatoes. I can now eat tomatoes with no allergic/adverse effect!

-Karen Gardner, RN

Increased my sense of peace, dissolved my persistent headaches and heightened my awareness.

-Susan Cohen, PT

I released the enormous amount of grief that I held onto after my mother passed away. My lungs never felt so relaxed and my capacity to take in air increased dramatically and my ability to release the trapped tension gave me a sense of freedom of movement to my upper body.

-Lisa Seward

I have had a respiratory infection for the past 2 months. During my treatment with Ernesto I released grief and I felt my heart open and my whole body relax. Overall, I feel quite peaceful.

-Lynn Heath

While working with you, my body was able to release the emotional stagnation that had been stored for 46 years.

This you must understand is a large, very large accomplishment. Considering – having cancer at 23 years of age and losing 3 sons. I felt a freedom I have worked on trying to get or feel all my life.

I thank you, Ernesto, more than you will ever know.

-Sherry Weatherford

I was bedridden, depressed and in extreme pain every month during my cycle, at least 8 days of the month.

I had endometriosis and after a series of treatments it cleared up and I feel normal again!

Thank you.

-Christina Horgan

The first time you worked on me, the pain that I've had in my neck for years was gone by the time I got off the table and sat back in my chair!

The second time you worked with me, you helped me with a car accident I had over 1 1/2 years ago. I had a pain in my shoulder and limited mobility. At the end of the process, I was pain free upon moving my arm in all the directions that were previously limited.

-Deborah Shanzek

The major result I notice is that I no longer crave sweets and that a little goes a long way.

A friend of mine and I had some frozen yogurt and hot fudge. I got a "regular" as I usually do. It was too much for me. I could get a small. I got some dates from Whole Foods. I usually go through those in a day. I still have them several days later and am able to only eat half of one comfortably. I am amazed and delighted.

-Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.

I wish I could tap directly into that" beautiful mind" of yours to access all of the knowledge you've acquired over the years. Thank you for so generously sharing it with me.

My work with you was exhausting, but gloriously inspiring! Thank you for helping me find the courage to choose a lifestyle that works best for me.

With love,

-Linda Ball

I have had low back pain my entire life. And now the pain is completely gone and I have 50% more flexion thru my pelvis, my entire body feels more fluid, and my mind is clearer.

-Catelyn Reid

You opened my eyes and mind. We do have the ability within us to heal ourselves, sometimes with a little help. Thank God! Thank you, Ernesto.

-Carol Gochenour

Ernesto worked on my husband and my husband had Hepatitis C and he was very, very sick. We've tried everything else, we might as well try this. Within three days he was like a different person and I was so impressed.

-Robin Hemingway

I'm from Charleston, South Carolina and I'm a sign language interpreter for the deaf. I've been interpreting for about 15 years, primarily in the medical field.

C5 and C6 which is where I have a herniated disk and C7 is where I have a bone spur growing into my spinal cord which is why I couldn't feel my arm. After that session, my arm feels fine and my neck and shoulders no longer hurt. I'm doing great now and I'm really looking forward to working again with him.

-Jana Brady

I was legally blind in one eye and now I can actually see across a room with it!
Thank you.

-Vondette Brinson

I had pain in both my knees – chronic pain in my right knee for 24 years, chronic back pain, and TMJ. I also had on and off depression for most of my life.

After 3 sessions, my knee pain is almost non-existent! My back feels like it is in a new place – more mobile and flexible. The hearing in my left ear is changing (I had blown out that ear drum 26 years ago). It is now more sensitive to sound. I wasn’t even aware of my hearing compensation until now.

Your work has also greatly reduced the tension in my life. I now realize that what I considered a “normal” operating level of tension was very high-negatively affecting me on every level in ways I had no idea. The positive changes in my life and personal relationships have been extraordinary! I’m thinking clearer and feeling more centered. For the first time in my life, my sleep is very deep and peaceful!

Thank you!

-Michael McKibban

I had about 75% range of motion on my left shoulder with discomfort. After the session I had close to 100% range of motion with virtually no pain or discomfort and I had a sense of lightness in my entire body and felt happier.

-Dana Hayes

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to have you work on me and was amazed that my shoulder pain was completely remedied. Thank you.

-Toni Quint

After my work with Ernesto, I felt energetic, excited, more focused and clear headed, and, for the first time in a long time, joyful. My menstrual cycle began to be regular after having been absent for 3 months.
Thank you Ernesto!

-Denise Herring Sellers

In June of 2000, I was in so much pain (fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue) I had to give up working entirely. In August of 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and discovered the intense pain I had suffered with for the past 9 months was an inflamed nerve caused by a house contaminated with five different types of mold as well as large concentrations of pesticides used to eradicate a termite infestation.

The end result was an immune system that was sensitive to 95% of the world. My medical diagnosis included: Toxic Encephalopathy, toxic effects of molds, immune deregulation, allergic rhinitis, food sensitivity, pollen sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

I also suffered from rosacia, excessive weight gain (50 lbs over 6 months), chronic scalp irritation with seborrhea type symptoms, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome (had not slept in a bed in over 2 years), stress incontinence, chronic perianal bacterial infection, hemorrhoids, 2 rectal fissures (candidates for surgery), varicose veins and bilateral bunions. I was isolated and depressed and I was having a hard time convincing myself there was a reason to go on living in this world.

I am amazed at how well I’m doing now after working with you. I can’t even begin to explain it. Thank you for all your work and support.

-Nancy Newman

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