Are the Holiday Gifts and Presents You’re Giving Causing Stress?

The holidays are two months away and you are problably making your holiday shopping list. I hope this advice will make your holiday gifting a little easier. Or at least help you make more conscious choices.

When you give a gift, don’t you want the person receiving it to feel good about it? Unfortunately, it’s very easy to give gifts that aren’t appreciated and inadvertantly cause people stress.

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to not give food as presents. Please let me explain:

Holiday foods are typically high in refined carbohydrates, high in fat and/or high in sodium. And they taste great so it’s very difficult for most people to exercise meaningful portion control.

Obesity is an epidemic. More and more people are concerned about thier weight and they worry about gaining more weight over the holidays. If your friends stress about thier weight, don’t give them foods they can’t resist.

Type 2 Diabetes is another growing epidemic and millions of Americans don’t even know they have it. Your innocent gift may be causing serious problems for an undiagnosed diabetic. If you suspect that a friend or loved one has Type 2 Diabetes encourage them to get tested.

Another epidemic in America is food allergies. There are basically three types of allergies:

1. Severe allergies which may cause death;

2. Immediate allergies which are not life threatning but makes you feel lousy right away and

3. Delayed allergies which takes 24 to 8 hours before you start to feel lousy.

Friends who have severe allergies will easily tell they have them.  However, people who have immediate allergies may not tell you. And there are millions of Americans with delayed food allergies and don’t know it. I gaurantee you that at least 80 % of people with chronic health problems have delayed food allergies and don’t know it. Common symptoms of delayed food allergies is fatigue, depression, inflamation and brain fog and most doctors completely over look these symptoms.

A very common food allergy that many people don’t know they have is an allergy to gluten. It’s commonly called Gluten intolerance. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. Celiac disease is a degenerative disease resulting from years of ingesting gluten when you have gluten intolerance.

Many people have gluten sensivity, which means they react to it like an allergy, however, they have not done enough damage to thier bodies yet to get a postive test for Celiac disease. 

There are many practical and natural solutions to reversing the damge of chronic allergies.             

So statistically the odds are not in your favor when it comes to giving food as presents during the holidays.

I know the  cookie, fruit cake and holiday sausage manufacturers won’t be happy with my advice and that’s o.k.. They are in the business of selling those items and I’m in the business of promoting great health and peace of mind.

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