Managing Your Personal Energy Level for Profit and Pleasure: Part 1

By Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez, DOM, AP, LMHC


It is my experience from over twenty years in clinical practice that your personal energy level is the single most important, misunderstood and under appreciated asset in your life.  It is vitally essential when you want to be successful and to maintain the success you have achieved. Your personal energy level is also crucial for maintaining satisfying and meaningful relationships and to enjoy pleasure in your life.


Your personal energy level is what keeps you alive physically, powers your mind and creativity, helps you be engaged fully in life and affects your ability to feel pleasure. This energy is often referred to as life force, vitality and Qi.


As a conscientious business owner you would never treat your business assets how you might be treating your personal energy level. You would not spend money beyond your cash flow, you wouldn’t drain your cash reserves without a plan to replenish your reserves, and you wouldn’t take out loans without a plan to service the debt.


Ironically, what you would never do in your business, most people inadvertently do with their personal energy level and then wonder why they struggle with their health and quality of life.


In our culture, chronic diseases are pervasive across social economic and racial lines. Depression, anxiety, heart disease, chronic pain and diabetes are sucking the life out of so many people. These diseases are commonly addressed and treated as if they are caught like a cold or bad infection.


The common attitude is they just happen to you and there’s nothing you can do about it to prevent these health problems or reverse the prognosis to where you are no longer dependent on prescription medication. The statistics are not in your favor.


In addition, it is also my experience in working with a wide variety of business owners and entrepreneurs that your personal energy level is a much greater factor in determining failure or a successful recovery from crisis, setbacks, changes in the market or changes in the economy than business experience or business skills.


In this article I will share with you some concepts that you may not have considered before that can dramatically enhance your quality of life and profitability. How you manage your personal energy level can contribute to or prevent over 80% of chronic health problems as well as the profitability of your business. Once you are aware you have options, you can then decide whether or not to do things differently to improve your odds or take your chances at becoming another medical or business statistic.




Here are 11 basic principles to consider regarding your personal energy level:


Energy Level Principle # 1: When it comes to managing your personal energy levels, everything matters.


Energy Level Principle # 2: Resistance just creates more resistance, which drains your energy.


Energy Level Principle # 3: Continuing to focus on problems and dissatisfactions will quickly drain your energy.


Energy Level Principle # 4: Chronic depletion of vital energy is a major cause of serious disease.


Energy Level Principle #5: Higher energy levels allow you to make better decisions.


Energy Level Principle # 6: You expend and lose a lot of energy holding on to tension and stress.


Energy Level Principle # 7: Your current energy level is far below what you feel it is.


Energy Level Principle # 8: It is common to under estimate what you really need to do to have higher energy.


Energy Level Principle # 9: When you think you are already feeling great, it is usually far below your capacity for feeling good.


Energy Level Principle # 10: Change and growth are much easier and faster when your energy level is high.


Energy Level Principle # 11: You are either recharging or depleting your energy reserves.


In part 2 of this article I will address what brings your energy down and how you can improve your energy level.


About the author: Ernesto J. Fernandez is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an Acupuncture Physician and Mental Health Counselor. Dr. Fernandez specializes at getting to the root of and reversing chronic health problems that don’t respond to medical treatments. He developed and pioneered cutting edge diagnostic and treatment methods for uncovering hidden causes to chronic physical and emotional problems. He has an international client base that consults with him. He developed and facilitates UnMasking Burnout and The Body Mind Assessment Seminars. To contact him call his office: 941-923-0283 or visit his website:


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