The Body Mind Connection and Your Business: Is It Working For You OR Against You?

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Our focus this month is about the skill of awareness of our physical energy. Our guest expert this month is Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez DOM , AP, LMHC. He lectures to large audiences about the importance of understanding how the body affects the mind and the mind effects our bodies. I have been personally following his advice and it has assisted me to have more energy for my business and personal life. Plus I have become more productive and certainly more profitable since I have been paying attention to how I feel and nurturing myself to be a peak performer.

I suggest that you make sure you print out your articles and put them in your notebook. You may also want to make copies and pass out to your family and employees. We all need to be healthy to be productive and happy. You can assist yourself and others to pass on this valuable information. Dr. Fernandez DOM , AP, LMHC, has given us permission to use the following article for the Millionaire Mindset members.

The Body Mind Connection and Your Business: Is It Working For You Or Against You?

Did you know that at least 80% of all the office visits to primary care doctors are to treat life-style and stress-related symptoms? High blood pressure, fatigue, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, obesity, allergies, etc. are common symptoms and diseases that people suffer from that are caused by chronic stress. Although poor diet is a factor, most people's dietary choices result from emotional habits not lack of information. Even when presented with good information, they continue to eat how they're used to eating.

There are also many pathogenic infections from viruses, bacteria and parasites that can contribute to these problems too. However, these infections wouldn't be an issue if your immune system wasn't weakened from chronic stress and poor diet.

What's also true is that at least 80% of all the office visits to mental health professionals are to treat the negative effects of physical dysfunctions and disorders. Depression, anxiety, insecurities, addictions, compulsions, anger, rage, ADD, are common psychological and emotional problems people suffer with that often have a physical origin. You can talk with your therapist about your problems for years and not make much progress until the physiological and structural origins of the problem are addressed. You could also take medications to change how you feel. However, rarely do medications ever really correct the underlying physical imbalance causing the psychiatric symptoms. In fact the side effects often create an additional set of symptoms. Although there's plenty of scientific evidence that diet affects your emotions and psychological state, it's rarely discussed in mental health settings. This is especially disturbing, considering that allergies and food intolerances are a common cause of emotional disorders.

There is obviously a Body Mind Connection when it comes to our health and well-being. And it forces us to re-write the age old question of which came first – the chicken or the egg? The new modern version of the question is – What's causing your symptom or disorder – is it resulting from your mind and emotions or from your body? The answer however is rarely just one or the other it's usually both.

The organs, glands and tissues of the body are designed to give you both subtle and not so subtle symptoms often months or years before you run into serious degenerative breakdown. It's similar to receiving customer service complaints in your business. When you listen, respond appropriately, and make the necessary changes to your product/ service and/or its delivery/implementation, your business becomes more profitable. However, if you continually ignore the early warning signs in your business, it can cost you a lot of money and headache. The same goes for the body.

Here are a few examples of common signs and symptoms entrepreneurs often experience and some of the possible causes you and your doctor wouldn't consider:

  • If you often feel depressed and/or have been diagnosed with depression, your liver and/or your heart might be having trouble.
  • If you frequently have trouble sleeping or have full-blown insomnia the problem could possibly come from heart, adrenals, and/or large intestines. \
  • If fear and anxiety is a common response to stress perhaps the kidneys, heart, and/or adrenals are involved.
  • If fatigue has got you down, your heart, adrenals, kidneys, and/or lungs may be struggling.
  • If you are frequently reacting in anger, frustration, and/or rage, your liver and/or gall bladder may be feeling overloaded.
  • If you find yourself worrying a lot, your stomach and/or pancreas might not be breaking down your food very well.
  • If you are a pack rat, or finding it hard to let go of things that are bothering you or have difficultly grieving a loss perhaps your lungs and/or large intestines need some help.
  • If you are having trouble being decisive or making decisions in general, your gall bladder might be overworked.
  • If you are having trouble planning in advance and considering all the necessary variables for your project and/or you find yourself frequently figuring out details last minute which should have been accounted during the planning phase, your liver certainly needs help.

These examples illustrate how the Body Mind Connection affects our performance as business people. Just as it can negatively affect your performance at work, you can use the same process to upgrade your ability to function better with less mental stress and less physical distress.

Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez, DOM , AP, LMHC, is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, mental health counselor, author, professional speaker, and consultant. You can reach him personally at his Web site:

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